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Kiron Reid: Personal and Political webpages

Kiron taking a 1st year English class at Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine (Kateryna Vasylyna)

Kiron taking a 1st year English class as a volunteer professor in Ukraine

Kiron Reid is a Liberal activist, writer and campaigner in support of civil liberties, the environment and an inclusive, tolerant society. He is a committed internationalist and pro-European. He has written extensively about Liberalism, most often in the British Liberal magazine "Liberator". Kiron spent many years actively campaigning for the Liberal Democrats, and since 2007 has focused more on non-party political campaigns and international work. Professionally he was a Lecturer in Law at the University of Liverpool for many years and is now an Honorary Research Fellow. His work has been published in leading law journals.

He supports international development and cooperation; and non-party / cross-party cooperation on matters of shared principles.

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Recent updates

  • Document: Apr 3, 2016
    24.5 KiB text or word processing document

    Background. Housing policy - housing clearance and redevelopment has been highly controversial in Liverpool for more than a decade. I recently found the notes for a short speech that I made on the subject ten years ago. At the end I add a note for background explaining my opinion on how I went from a very outspoken supporter of a necessary but among many unpopular scheme (the HMRI scheme), to arguing the scheme should be scaled back after just a few years, when it still officially had most of a decade to run. Many of the controversies continue to this day. There has also been a lot of improvement and new housing, but many of the same problems caused by a rigid policy remain.

  • Document: Apr 3, 2016
    32.5 KiB text or word processing document

    Some observations on the removal of the giant Lenin statue that overlooked the Soviet hydro-electric dam in Zaporizhia / Zaporizhzhya, SE Ukraine.

    On 17 March 2016 the giant statue of Lenin (what I called Big Lenin / in Russian Bolshoi Lenin) was removed. I'd argued for twenty months, since my first visit to Zaporizia / Zaporozhye / Zaporizhzhya, that the giant Lenin statue was an excellent attraction for tourists from Western Europe and North America and should be kept. I though the artists who had dressed the Lenin statute in a traditional Ukrainian shirt the winter before were inspired. The statute has been removed under the law on removing symbols of totalitarian regimes - in this case communist symbols.


    Tweet by English Lugansk on Lenin statute being removed in Zaporizhia, SE Ukraine (English Lugansk)

  • Russian alphabet Concise Oxford Dictionary ()
    Document: Apr 3, 2016
    8.9 MiB text or word processing document

    A few pictures including the Russian Cyrillic (Kirillick) alphabet - the Ukrainian version is slightly different; a few key phrases in Russian, in Ukrainian (from the Lonely Planet guides), and Ukrainian to English phrases (for comparison) from the Berlitz guide to English for Ukrainian tourists and visitors to the UK.

  • Document: Apr 3, 2016
    22.5 KiB text or word processing document

    British sports teams seem to be regularly making the trip to Kyiv for international football matches. Having visited Kyiv (known in Britain mostly as Kiev) many times here are a few very simple tips for fans travelling to the city. Originally written in case any Man City, and then Wales fan friends were travelling to Ukraine or had friends who were. I've made 9 short visits to the city over the last 20 months, and am still very much finding my own way around. I also attach a few pictures of phrases in Ukrainian and Russian in case useful. These are from the Lonely Planet guides and Berlitz phrasebook.

    I really recommend visiting Kyiv. Worth making a mini-break of it.

    It's a lovely stadium.

    Accommodation is cheap.

    Food and drink is cheap even in the centre.

    There is quite a lot of English spoken in Kyiv, usually someone around will speak some English; Quite a lot of signs are in English as well as Cyrillic.

  • Gallery: Apr 1, 2016
    Kiron taking a 1st year English class as a volunteer professor in Ukraine (Kateryna Vasylyna) Kiron with students in a 1st year English class as a volunteer professor in Ukraine (Kateryna Vasylyna) Kiron discussing British housing with a first year English class at Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine (Kateryna Vasylyna) Kiron taking a 1st year English class at Zaporizhzhya National University, Ukraine (Kateryna Vasylyna)
  • Article: Apr 1, 2016

    On the Tory Government

    "this new Tory government. Already a government loaded with banana skins, not only unleashing all the right-wing stuff we stopped them doing and worse but also behaving, in a reckless flush of post-electoral euphoria, as if they have a majority of 92 not 12."

    Tony Greaves, Liberator 373, August 2015, p. 6.

  • Article: Mar 10, 2016
    Further to my previous post of a remarkable report from the Guardian, from 1944, where a senior Liverpool judge takes a stand against racism. Here are a few lines of background about Edward G. Hemmerde KC (1871-1948). It was also notable that the West Indian man, convicted of failing to attend Home Guard duties, George Roberts, is represented by Rose Heilbron, the Liverpool Law Faculty graduate and pioneering female barrister.
    Edward G. Hemmerde KC (1871-1948) is probably unknown in Liverpool nowadays but deserves to be better known as a significant city political figure and character, and a judge who spoke out against racism in 1944. He was brought to my attention by my bookdealer father-in-law of Cardiff.
    Nicholas Willmott writes
    Yesterday I picked up a play written by him ('Proud Maisie' 1912). It is perfectly dreadful: Scottish historical drama portrayed through acres of blank verse - apparently the first night did not conclude until 11.45pm! However, I discover that Hemmerde's career was rather more concerned with law and politics (and rowing) rather than literature.
    I learn that he sat as a Liberal MP, latterly switching to Labour, and that his political career was largely abandoned after financial irregularities became the subject of court hearings. However, having been appointed Recorder of Liverpool in 1909, he maintained a prominent legal career up to his death.
    Looking up old newspaper clippings it becomes clear that he enjoyed a frosty relationship with Liverpool Corporation, something he ascribed to his insistence that Sinn Fein defendants received a fair hearing, and his frequent complaints about heavy-handed policing.
    I attach a remarkable 1944 clipping from the Guardian. The case also involves, early in her career, Rose Heilbron.
    There is a substantial article in 'The Journal of Liberal History', Winter 2010, 'The Strange Case of E.G. Hemmerde' by David Dutton. From which article I learn that his defects probably rather outweighed his virtues. Fortunately, for Hemmerde, David Dutton skates over the man's dubious literary accomplishments.
    It is possibly significant that our copy of 'Proud Maisie' remains, after more than a century, largely unopened. However, there is no difficulty in assessing the quality of the verse: astonishingly bad. His name must always have prompted a smirk the other side of the Channel where, as I am sure you know, 'emmerdeur' loosely translates as 'pain in the fundament'.
    I suspect there will not be a revival of interest in Hemmerde's literary output any time soon. It was fortunate that the 'Journal of Liberal History' article was old enough to be available online. One can relish some of the impressive personal abuse quoted from correspondence.
  • Article: Mar 10, 2016
    By Kiron Reid

    The picture below is of a remarkable report from the Guardian, from 1944, where a senior Liverpool judge takes a stand against racism. The defendant, George Roberts, (a West Indian helping the war effort and victim of discrimination) was represented by the Liverpool University Law graduate, and pioneering female barrister, Rose Heilbron.

  • Article: Feb 14, 2016

    The pro-staying in EU campaign has avoided some key mistakes from the AV and Scottish referendums but is still making some significant errors.

    What it is doing right.

    1) It is not fronted by politicians.

    2) It is not only talking about economics.

    3) It is talking about issues that people care about.

    4) It is talking in language that people understand.

  • Document: Feb 14, 2016
    521.68 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    A .pdf with the links to the latest news stories (courtesy of the press office and staff of #ZNU / #ЗНУ) is under the articles and downloads section. There is some explanatory text in the previous post.