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Kiron Reid

Kiron Reid is a Liberal activist, writer and campaigner in support of civil liberties, the environment and an inclusive, tolerant society. He is a committed internationalist and pro-European. He has written extensively about Liberalism, most often in the British Liberal magazine "Liberator". Kiron spent many years actively campaigning for the Liberal Democrats, and since 2007 has focused more on non-party political campaigns and international work. Professionally he was a Lecturer in Law at the University of Liverpool for many years and is now an Honorary Research Fellow. His work has been published in leading law journals.

He supports international development and cooperation; and non-party / cross-party cooperation on matters of shared principles.

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Recent updates

  • Article: May 21, 2015

    I get asked many questions about what I was doing in Ukraine, especially in South East Ukraine, in the region next to the war zone. This is the CV summary from LinkedIn with a little extra explanation. I hope to add links to some of the recent news stories from the ZNU website, and photographs in due course.

  • Article: May 2, 2015

    I listed Al along with MPs and candidates that I know and the othes are all Liberals. Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, comedian, writer and historian, merits special mention.

    Al Murray (South Thanet). Intelligent, educated, intellectual - and more importantly right on many political issues. Al is the best candidate in South Thanet, he has more knowledge of history and of the importance of political, social and historic context than the other serious candidates. Few people don't now realise that Al Murray's 'the Pub Landlord' character is comedy satire, but many people don't realise that Al Murray is serious, a very capable candidate for Parliament who would be a superb MP.

  • Article: May 2, 2015

    People say politicians are all the same but it is not true. They say they are all in it for themselves and to line their own pockets and that definitely is not true. Most people don't go into British politics to try and make money. But some MPs just toe the party line, rather than thinking for themselves, and do little in their constituencies except go through the motions. I know Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs. The ones I know well are Liberal Democrats because that has been my political party for many years.

  • Article: May 1, 2015

    I am most well known as a Liberal Democrat activist, from my days as Liverpool City Councillor (a World famous city), and also as someone who taught students Criminal Law at the University of Liverpool for many years. Even many friends do not remember that I left the Liberal Democrats in 2012 to stand in the election for Police Commissioner for Merseyside, and that I have not rejoined the party. (My website, by the excellent Prater Raines, is branded as an official Lib Dem website from when it was first created but in fact has always been my personal political website). It was my intention to rejoin the Liberal Democrats before this General Election because Britain really does need a Liberal party, and the Liberal Democrats are our best hope for a Liberal party. However, I am away doing voluntary work in Ukraine for a month as a visiting Professor in South East Ukraine and never got round to rejoining. Why am I still supporting the Liberal Democrats?

  • Article: Apr 13, 2015

    In April - May 2015 I am on a return visit to Zaporizhia - to Zaporizhzhya National University #ZNU / #ЗНУ SE Ukraine as volunteer Visiting Professor. I will be tweeting again about normal life in SE Ukraine as before using the hash tag #thisisSEUkraine www.znu.edu.ua

  • Document: Mar 27, 2015
    60 KiB text or word processing document

    Kiron Reid was a British member of the OSCE / ODIHR election monitoring mission to Albania for the 23 June Parliamentary elections. (ODIHR is the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights). This is a report from Summer 2013 published in March 2015. With thanks to Marjan Mihajlovski, Aleksandar Lahtov (Skopje), Bledar Taci (Tirana) and all of those who helped me named in the text.

  • Document: Mar 9, 2015
    282.56 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    My article based on my experience in Zaporizhzhya city, South East Ukraine, while visiting in October and November 2014 was published in February's InterLiB, the journal of Liberal International British Group. See pages 3 - 5.

    A shorter version of the article was earlier published in Liberator 370, February 2015, at pages 22 - 23, as 'Putin's War on Europe's Eastern Edge'. 'Kiron Reid reports on the damage being done by Russia to a part of Ukraine that is indisputably part of Europe'.

    I will add the links to both publications online when they become available. Liberator is out now for print subscribers and available online on the website after one month.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2015

    If you have Westlaw UK legal database access (University / Law firm / and via some city libraries) you can read my updated Insight encyclopaedia entries on stop & search, arrest & demonstrations near Parliament.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2015

    My article based on my experience in Zaporizhzhya city, South East Ukraine, while visiting in October and November 2014 was published in February's InterLiB, the journal of Liberal International British Group. See pages 3 - 5. The extract from InterLiB is available in the Balkans and SE Europe folder under Articles and downloads.

  • Document: Dec 15, 2014
    53.5 KiB text or word processing document


    (1) Introduction to students on Lawyers' Day at Zaporizhia National University, 8 October 2014.

    (2) Introduction to students in the Faculty of Journalism at Zaporizhia National University, 16 October 2014.

    (3) Introduction to the English and Welsh criminal justice system. Law Speaking Club in the Faculty of Law at Zaporizhia National University, 16 October 2014.

    (4) The Plain English Campaign.

    Talk on Plain English to the Foreign Philology in the 21st Century conference, 17 October 2014.

    (5) The Scottish Independence Referendum, 18 September 2014. Smaller file.

    (6) The Scottish Independence Referendum, 18 September 2014.

    Presentation to teachers of English in Zaporozhia region, 23 October 2014.

    (7) Training of lawyers in England. Shorter version.

    (8) Training of lawyers in England and Wales.

    Questions posed by the Masters students of the Faculty of Law at ZNU.

    Seminar co-delivered with Frances Willmott.

    (9) Patriotic Education Conference, Zaporozhia Oblast. 28 November 2014.

    National values and education in the UK.

    (10) Visit to the European Union institutions.

    (11) Websites for student and lecturer reference, ZNU November 2014.

    Including a selection of:

    UK Health sites.

    General information including education.

    (the Government, and Parliament websites)

    Some Law sites.

    And a diagram of the Court structure in England and Wales.