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Kiron Reid

Kiron Reid is a Liberal activist, writer and campaigner in support of civil liberties, the environment and an inclusive, tolerant society. He is a committed internationalist and pro-European. He has written extensively about Liberalism, most often in the British Liberal magazine "Liberator". Kiron spent many years actively campaigning for the Liberal Democrats, and since 2007 has focused more on non-party political campaigns and international work. Professionally he was a Lecturer in Law at the University of Liverpool for many years and is now an Honorary Research Fellow. His work has been published in leading law journals.

He supports international development and cooperation; and non-party / cross-party cooperation on matters of shared principles.

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Recent updates

  • Article: Apr 10, 2014

    Over on Liberator magazine's accompanying blog you can read two new articles by me.

    (1) Maria Miller expenses - fraud on the electorate more than money?

    (2) EU spending reform - a quick and simple place to start.

    (1) Maria Miller expenses - fraud on the electorate more than money?

    Extract from the piece: "I have no doubt the press are hounding her to attack the Leveson charter. [but] She may well have engaged in fraudulent behaviour and her conduct has further damaged belief in the integrity of politicians. .. She pretended her main home was in her Basingstoke constituency when it was in London (a fraud on the public), and she claimed for interest that she was not entitled to. The Committee may well be right that only £5,800 was clearly obtained in breach of the rules but Maria Miller's denial that she intended to claim interest on a £50,000 increase that she was not entitled to seems flimsy. The allowances may have been far too generous [however] it still seems implausible that she didn't realise she was claiming this (much smaller than Commissioner ruled) sum of money that she was not entitled to. That would be actual fraud.

  • Article: Mar 6, 2014

    Less than two weeks on (and before the Paralympic Games) the joy and excitement of Sochi has faded to be replaced by the crisis in Ukraine. I was going to write a positive comment at the time before the turbulent ousting of a President and standoff with Russia in Crimea, so I post this anyway, in the hope that the Ukraine crisis will be peacefully resolved, protecting the rights of all citizens, and giving Ukraine the help needed to restart its economy. Then people can remember the positive memories of the Winter Olympics at Sochi.

  • Article: Mar 6, 2014

    This blog by Olivier Dupuis 'London, Kiev and Ankara. Three challenges, one solution' is the best thing I have read written on the EU for a very long time. 30 January.


    Dupuis argues that the countries of the European Union should take significant steps to help British leaders win over a Euro-sceptic public to help Britain stay a member of the EU. He argues that Britain's active involvement is essential for both the EU and Britain. His solution is "to construct an institutional framework which would keep the British happy whilst allowing those who wish to progress to do so without being held back". Some parts would apply to all members, other parts only to the more integrated "little" Europe. It is the two speed Europe, but in a positive way respecting home rule. He puts across five main recommendations.

  • Article: Feb 13, 2014

    Over the last few months, before and after the 1st anniversary of the PCC elections, many people have asked me how I think the Police Commissioners have done in practice.

    Here are my four quick points, and one additional comment on the election expenditure.

    (1) PCCs have not been the disaster that opponents were worried about. They do not appear to have particularly politicised policing policy.

  • Article: Feb 13, 2014
    By First published by Liberal Democrat Voice, 11 February 2014. in http://www.libdemvoice.org/opinion-what-are-we-going-to-do-about-male-underperformance-38178.html

    What is our society going to do about underachievement by males? It is well documented at school level that girls overall significantly outperform boys. This is now repeated at University level. In non-science subjects admissions are large majority female. In nearly all subject areas females outperform males on average by up to 10% (more exaggerated in arts and social sciences). The same pattern in graduate jobs. If you look at the professions: medicine, dentistry, vets, law, the new intake is heavily female dominated. New members of barristers chambers, solicitors firms and accountancy practices are usually overwhelmingly female.

  • Article: Feb 5, 2014

    Neil Gaiman: 'Make Good Art'.

    Neil Gaiman - Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012


    Published on May 23, 2012

    Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 (US).

    Described as "One of the best commencement speeches. A must watch for any artist and everyone who hopes to be creative and successful." But actually a great inspirational speech for anyone uncertain about how to achieve personal goals and great aims.

  • Article: Jan 23, 2014

    Quotes from BBC Radio 4.

    The Today programme 'Thought for the day' - 22/08/2013 - Abdal Hakim Murad, Muslim chaplain at the University of Cambridge.

    Like in Northern Ireland "one finds the mainstream leaders in the Islamic world consistently advocating unity and reconciliation".

    Talking about Sunni and Shi'i communities "Watching the differences in their form of prayer, one is reminded of how slight the differences are...".

  • Article: Jan 23, 2014

    How to improve your society: The Taliban top ten.

    How it could be done.

    The Taliban way.

    1. Make friends with 14 year old boys.

    Blow up 14 year old boys.

    2. Get an education.

    Kill girls who try to get an education.

    3. Help eradicate polio.

    Kill foreign aid workers who come to help eradicate polio.

    4. Increase understanding by talking to those who practise other views of Islam.

    Kill those who practise other views of Islam.

    5. Be tolerant of minorities and other religions as Mohamed was.

    Murder followers of other religions.

    6. Help people with mental illness.

    Get mentally ill people to blow themselves up, and others.

    7. Prosecute the American state for killing civilians through drone strikes.

    Kill far more civilians yourselves than your enemies do.

    8. Eat great Lebanese food.

    Murder a great popular Lebanese chef and his customers.

    9. Cure cancer.

    Make better bombs.

    10. Redevelop your country.

    Murder anyone helping to redevelop your country.

  • Article: Jan 12, 2014
    By First published on Liberator magazine blog, 3 December 2013. in http://liberator-magazine.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/sri-lankan-government-repaid-charity.html

    After the 2004 Tsunami the UK public donated £390 million in charity to help victims. Over £100 million went to Sri Lanka without any discrimination about ethnicity. The Sri Lankan government just a few years after that engaged in horrific war crimes and slaughtered tens of thousands of civilians. Maybe even charity should be tied to human rights in the future - a Government should cut its military spending before it can be given aid, and armed groups lay down their arms. There was a great feeling of optimism that the disaster of the South Asian Boxing Day Tsunami might encourage an end to the bitter nasty conflict in Sri Lanka with atrocities committed by the Tamil Tigers and Government forces. The two sides might realise that helping people and living in peace to redevelop the whole island was a better way. That optimism was misplaced. Perhaps in the future Governments and opposing groups should have to demonstrate a commitment to peace and human rights before they can be given aid. And international aid agencies should not replace local and national authorities, or local organisations, but work with them directly - as much of the best of foreign aid does - to try and ensure aid cannot be abused to support sectarian or corrupt causes.

  • Document: Dec 31, 2013
    17.17 MiB text or word processing document

    Nicholas Willmott, bookdealer of Cardiff, often supplies (as my father in law) books that I use for researching content on this site.

    A link can be found in the links section of the website.

    Please note: this is an extremely large file. It is a 17MB document (4,000 pages, listing details of 12,000 books). Opening it will probably freeze your computer for several minutes, and searches take a similarly long time.

    There are titles and further book information (author, title, publication detail and notes on condition).

    This file is a sample for illustrative purposes and is estimated to include 15 - 20% of the stock in the collection. 11,200 books are listed. Prices on application to the seller.

    I have tried to save a smaller version but not managed it. I hope that readers looking particularly for out of print or rare secondhand books will find it a useful service as I do the provision of books for references (to me gratis) from a very knowledgeable source.