This may be of interest to those who don't have email addresses on the party membership list.

Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 01:07 +0100 (BST)

From: "Kiron Reid" <<a href="">>

Subject: A message from Kiron Reid.

Dear friends,

I'm Kiron Reid writing to introduce myself as one of the shortlisted

candidates to be your new prospective Parliamentary candidate. I've met

some of you already and hope to meet you all over the next couple of

weeks. I am impressed by how frank everyone has been in discussing their

views of what we need to do to win Oldham East and Saddleworth and how

the candidate will have to work with you in every part of the

constituency to win. I have met some of you before as I helped at the

by-election in 1995 and I came back to help in 1997 and in 2001.

Some of you will have received my manifesto, my website is now 'live' at:

Do please check it out. There is a lot more information about me there

than I can put in one leaflet. If you want to find our more about me

professionally and politically you'll easily find information just

through a general internet search. As a campaigner for the party I've

always thought I should put the party point of view across and I've been

in the media regularly, both as a party representative and as a legal


Until May this year I was city councillor for Anfield in Liverpool. I

gained a seat to help the Liberal Democrats take control of the city in

1998 and was re-elected twice. I retired as I decided it was time to

pursue a new challenge. In Liverpool I was assistant to the Leader of the

City Council, working on regeneration, and served on the police authority

for four years. Professionally I am a Lecturer in Law at the University

of Liverpool where I am also Senior Tutor for Law. My expertise is in

criminal law, police powers and anti-terrorist legislation. I believe I

have the experience, the commitment and the passion to be your MP. I have

always helped the party win seats locally and in Parliament and I have

stood for Parliamentary seats flying the flag for the party. In 1996 as

candidate in a European by-election my campaign helped the party get

ready to win Southport. Last time I helped win in Westmorland and

Lonsdale. I have given up all other political commitments and can

concentrate on being your candidate.

I'm enjoying getting to know Oldham East and Saddleworth better. My

partner, Frances, and I have particularly enjoyed visiting the villages

of Saddleworth. A good team of friends are helping me – I've always been

lucky that friends help my campaigns. One of them may give you a call.

Not every member is on email but do tell other members to look at my

website if they want more information or to give me a call. I've given my

mobile number so that you can get hold of me directly but I can always

ring you back straight away as I know ringing mobiles is expensive.

I look forward to meeting you,

Kiron Reid

PS Of course when one is rushing in the middle of a campaign you

sometimes miss mistakes and I didn't notice on my manifesto that the

front page photo should of course say that it is of Frances and myself

visiting Delph! But anything else you want to question please give me a