I look forward to talking to and seeing many of you at the hustings on

Saturday. A quick note to stress key points. I have the experience as a

Parliamentary candidate, the credibility in the party and professionally,

the track record as a winner and someone who has helped win and improve a

Council and the time to be your candidate and to be your MP. I have

retired from being a councillor and am flexible as a University lecturer.

I hope you will consider giving me your first vote and vote for me second

if you already have a first choice of candidate. If selected I will move

to the constituency and work with all of you to win the Council and win

the MP.

There is more information about me on my website: www.kironreid.co.uk

(recently updated) please have a look and encourage other members to look

up my experience and track record as well.

There is more detail below or have a look on the web.

Best wishes, I have enjoyed meeting and speaking to you.

Kiron Reid

Key attributes and experience.

As candidate. A candidate for Parliament three times, and in a European

by-election gaining a swing to the party that helped us win Southport

from the Tories in 1997.

Helping win and reform a Council. I was assistant to the Leader of

Liverpool City Council, the Lib Dems' flagship urban council that has

turned the reputation of that city around. I won my own seat which was a

key target to win control of the Council and ensured that we won a

majority of councillors in my constituency. I have taken the tough

decisions to improve local services to give value for money, cutting

Labour pet projects and defending and arguing for those decisions out on

the streets, in the media, the Council chamber, and in public meetings. I

will help do all of those things across the borough of Oldham and in

every part of central and east Oldham, Shaw and Crompton and the villages

and all of Saddleworth. I'll talk more about local services at the


On better policing. As a member of a Police Authority who was out on

police raids as well as appointing the Deputy Chief Constable, I

delivered on more police for my area and crime prevention projects that

cut burglary and road traffic offences.

Experienced in the media. You need a candidate who is effective in the

media – I am a regular expert on law on the BBC and I know the regional

tv and radio from the many professional and political interviews I have

done. I have debated against Conservative and Labour MPs, stood in for a

Lib Dem MP at a public meeting and debated at the Oxford Union in a

winning debate against leading Tories.

Time. I have the time to be your candidate and lead on campaigns because

I have given up all my other political commitments – I have no other

political commitments.

Credibility – in and outside the party. I have the credibility to be your

MP, and as candidate have the contacts and reputation in the party to get

the help and support from the regional and national party and MPs that we

need. I have always brought in family, friends and new members and

helpers to help in every campaign that I have run. I will do this in

Oldham East and Saddleworth.

I want to win this seat for the party and with your help together we will

win the Council and the seat in Parliament. By working together.

Please vote for me first on Saturday.

Kiron Reid