Yes it's Frank Field MP apparently pandering to racism again. Even if his view isn't accurately reported Frank Field is experienced enough as a Labour MP to know how the media will report his comments. Maybe he doesn't understand that the long term unemployed aren't getting the jobs because they don't apply for them but that new European workers and others do. My brother is one of many Brits who's been working in Spain – should that be allowed! Field should concentrate on getting his Government to implement some of his better ideas to get people off incapacity benefit, not attack hardworking Europeans boosting the British economy. When they go home our economy will be in trouble. Lax reporting by the 'Liverpool Echo', they don't even bother to get a quote from business or analyse the stats. As a councillor in Liverpool I put down a motion welcoming the new Polish residents who have done much to improve and add to my area.

Foreign workers 'taking all the jobs' – Liverpool Echo