'Tidy up Liverpool: Be a binner, not a sinner'

May 6 2008 by Nick Coligan, Liverpool Echo

Everyone know's Bill Bryson's famously true description of Liverpool in the early or mid 90s of having a 'festival of litter'. For years when I came back from University or being away it was the most awful experience for me always arriving at Lime Street station and finding the streets ankle deep in litter until I got out to the suburbs. It was the single biggest impression of visitors that damaged the reputation of the city and Bill Bryson did us a great favour in ridiculing and highlighting it, as well as the good points of his visit in Notes from a Small Island. That is why I was a very forceful and outspoken advocate for years as a city councillor of prosecuting people for dropping litter until the Liberal Democrat Council finally started doing this. It is good the Liverpool Echo has highlighted this continued problem in 2008. The Council is making a great effort and the city is a lot cleaner than it used to be.