As can be seen from the endorsement on his website I’m backing Lembit Opik for Liberal Democrat Party President. This is a largely ceremonial job but the President has a key role to play in working with the grassroots of the party as well as representing the Liberal Democrats in the media. Lembit will be superb at this.

My endorsement says this:

“Lembit always supported the youth & student wing of the party, at times when doing that wasn’t necessarily in tune with the Party Leadership. Lembit also worked on training across the country at a time when outside ALDC it wasn’t common.”

I back Lembit for the reasons I outlined here:

In support of Lembit Opik

reasons similar to those put forward by my friend Andy Strange, of Luton, here: (blog 16 September 2008)

(Unlike Andy I am supporting Lembit).

Lembit is also a good friend, the other key reason that I am supporting him.

The other main candidate, Ros Scott, has run an energetic and well organised campaign and has a very impressive website:

She is articulate (in the writing I’ve seen) and efficient. Lembit has generously said that she would also make an excellent President and I agree. She is clearly a top Liberal Democrat representative and one of our stars in the House of Lords who are usually very good but lesser known.

As in other major Liberal Democrat contests this one shows how much we have in common – just as I backed Hughes instead of Menzies for Leader previously many of my friends backed Menzies. The same with Clegg v Huhne. People who are good friends, colleagues and have good political judgement back other candidates, many back the same one as me. This really shows how we in the Liberal Democrats get on well, that is a reason why people often join and stay involved because they get on so well with their friends in the party (not always of course!). But I don’t know Ros and I do know Lembit. Lembit will work hard at the job and be an excellent Party President. It will enable him to use his serious talents which are less well known. I’m for Lembit.