"Taste of Polish life. A brand new project is inviting the people of Liverpool to get a taste of Polish life and culture.

Merseyside Polonia launches on Friday (10 October), a new initiative set up by local charity, Yellow House, supported by the city council. It aims to strengthen bonds between Polish people and local residents and encourage friendships between people of different cultural backgrounds."


I think this is excellent. I've criticised Liverpool City Council for not doing enough to welcome new residents (in my article on 'What Went Wrong in Liverpool?').I think them supporting this new initiative is excellent. It was interesting to see posters for Polish club nights in the city centre appear recently, it all helps add to the cultural mix, but I hoped an effort would be made to encourage non-Polish to go as well to encourage greater understanding. This new initiative appears to have all party support on the Council, as it should; of course people of all political and no-political background should cooperate to make local communities stronger.

Meanwhile I've heard lots of outrage in the Irish community that John Belchem's book "Irish, Catholic and Scouse" ignores the culturally different nature of the Irish in Britain. Well at least he's started a fierce debate.