I'd intended to write a short article welcoming work on increasing tolerance and highlighting the need for that work in the recession. Also pointing out that mindless thugs and hooligans appear to feel they have it hard while people have real difficulties with recession, losing or fear for their jobs, with terrorism and war and poverty abroad. And pointing out that there are good people who do good work which we should recall and be optimistic about. I actually wrote a long essay that covers the following themes:

Tolerance, stopping violence and rehabilitation.

Politicians must work together and act responsibly.

'ITSEEMSIMPOSSIBLE' that people are using the Holocaust to promote political points.

Why terrorists cannot defeat a democracy and the military do not alone defeat terrorists.

Cultural and generation clashes, intolerance and ignorance of the lessons of history.

There are people who do good work – philanthropists, politicians, rich and poor, it may be you or I.

Two contrasting extracts:

"The best writing about different cultures in a country, understanding and misunderstanding, how tolerance and hope can be replaced by despair and extremism is a play by Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton, Iranian Nights. Written at the time of the persecution of Salman Rushdie, Tariq Ali and Howard Brenton's play should have been read by every Government Minister and military strategist after September 11 2001 and is just as relevant today. I hope that Iranian Nights will be revived."

"The British Government is not anti-Muslim or anti-Islam has taken much action to help and protect Muslims, both abroad and by legislation in this country."

If you are interested in reading further the full text is in the downloads area. I am of course interested in debating any points that I make with interested readers.

Kiron Reid, Liverpool 3 January 2009.

*A Powerpoint file is circulating the internet with a fake statement about education in Britain designed to stir up hatred of Muslims. Teaching about the holocaust has not been banned in Britain and the statement in the "ITSEEMSIMPOSSIBLE.pps" is a made up untrue lie. Completely. I'm pleased to see some other people have rebutted this on the internet as well.