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Friends, most friends of mine are probably aware of the European elections on 4 June. Most of you will be voting & probably know who for. By the way, I agree that people will probably use these elections to show anger at the self-interest and lack of reality demonstrated by many MPs in Parliament. And rightly so.

Summary, VOTE anyone except BNP in NW and for a good guy in London.

I'm a passionate pro-European and Liberal Democrat so that's my allegiance. Can I give two plugs though for the NW and London. My friend Jonathan Fryer is in with a good chance of winning a seat in LONDON. He's a great internationalist, broadcaster and even an expert on Soho, and would make a great MEP.

In the NORTH WEST the far right BNP may win a seat. Please vote, anyone anti-BNP whoever you vote for can help stop them by increasing turnout and decreasing their percentage. The BNP thrive on ignorance. The controversial Lib Dem NW MEP Chris Davies is probably the hardest working member of the European Parliament but there is every kind of left wing or right wing nutter imagineable standing here (their views are very similar) so you've got plenty of choice.

Apologies only for the impersonal flyer and to land yet another one on the politically aware. To friends NOT in London and the NW There are exceptions to unprincipled politicians you can still vote for. As a Lib Dem of course I'd recommend Lib Dem colleagues, like Graham Watson (SW & Gibraltar) who's put British views on the map in Brussels, and others in Wales, the SE and East for example.

But do vote. If you missed registering to vote (deadline yesterday) get your mates to vote!



PS This is the extra referred to on otherwise the same bulletin on Facebook.

A party political bit. The above is fairly objective. This bit may seem bitchy but it's true! The second highest Tory candidate in the NW defected from the Lib Dems because he didn't get the top spot. That's massively unprincipled. The guy deserves an electoral kicking. Sajjad Karim is self-centred and unprincipled and it is astounding the Tory Party would make Sajjad Karim a top candidate when he has no commitment to them or his electors.

The Labour candidates in the North West have already put out a leaflet with deliberately completely untrue statements on it about their opponent's policies. What a time for them not to realise that the public are fed up with politicians telling lies! It's a shame because the rest of that leaflet was quite good.

The other Lib Dem (current MEP) in London, Sarah Ludford, helped expose the Bush regime's extraordinary rendition policy & has stood up against abuse of liberties in the name of the War on Terror.

Good luck to my mates standing.

It's ironic, my party's had good policies before (last time manifesto 'Common Problems: Shared Solutions') but is actually standing on an open pro-Europe ticket and campaigning on pro-Europe / pro-reform ticket for the first time – unlike in the two European elections that I fought for them.

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