This interview by John Humphrys of the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, is one of the most impressive demolitions of 'God' that I have heard. John Humphrys does not take any stance or put forward a view, he simply asks questions as a journalist. Radio 4 Today programme, 14 January 2010 8.31am. 'Where is God in Haiti?'. The difficulty the Archbishop has in dealing with the distress of the earthquake is obvious.

One can further see the inadequacy of God, in this case the inadequacy of 'Allah' through the hand of man in the bombing of a volleyball match in Pakistan on 1 January. BBC News online 2 January 2010 'Pakistan volleyball bomb toll climbs to more than 90' The bombing cannot be in the name of any religion, no religion can justify that, but it doesn't look good for a 'God'. Members of a local peace committee were killed, just as those who stood out for peace 450 years ago during the Civil War in England were killed for doing so.

I don't doubt good work by religious people in these and other situations, and note the wonderfully uplifting message of conciliation for New Year 2010. As reported by the BBC: 'Pope appeals for peace in 2010': Pope Benedict XVI calls for peace and the protection of children .. the Pope appealed to armed groups to "stop, reflect and abandon the way of violence". "Respect others, regardless of their skin colour, nationality, language, religion".

Some Popes in history have been monsters and many not good men, so this over a long time is a positive development on the religious side perhaps.

Donations to recognised charities by all of us who can afford it will also help people in Haiti where help is vitally needed.