This website is to promote political debate and dialogue, hopefully tolerance and individual and collective improvement, as well as my own views and myself ;-). Therefore though I am a British Liberal Democrat I steer clear of promoting simple party politics and have not linked to friends or directly partly political websites as they tend to promote a, often simplistic, party line and not necessarily promote intelligent political debate! The rhetoric and language of 'we are right and you are wrong' or 'we are better than you even though our policies are no different' I reject.

But with Saul Alinsky or Des Wilson I understand the importance for campaigning of promoting a 'right and wrong' approach. Sometimes choices are either right or wrong. This Spring in Britain there is a General Election. People can all make a choice as to who to vote for. Their choice can make a real difference in the country, where they live and potentially in the World. That can be a difference for good or bad.

People have to make a choice.

Therefore I have added to the links section of this website my endorsement for candidates for the election who if elected will make a difference and will genuinely try to improve things for the common good. Vote for them. If you don't bother then you are responsible if careerist self-centred right wing (whether Tory or Labour right wing) politicians are elected instead. Of course I am a Liberal Democrat (and stood in every General Election since 1997 except this one) so will support my Lib Dem friends and colleagues and urge you to vote for them everywhere.

I will add more but specifically I ask you to vote for:

Colin Eldridge, Liverpool Wavertree. Colin works tirelessly on behalf of the local people but will also be a strong voice in Parliament unlike a vacuous Labour candidate.

Lembit Opik in Montgomery.

Richard Clein for Sefton Central.

Jo Crotty for Warrington South.

John Leech for Manchester Withington.

On the links on the section of the website. This is only handful of my friends or people I respect that I am particularly recommending if in their area you vote for, and if not but nearby please go and help. There are also my comments on the krazy house situation in Buckingham where John Bercow is under attack by a populist right wing nutter. Bercow used to be one himself. What did Churchill say about Hitler and the Devil!

I also recommend Stephen Williams in Bristol West, Tim Farron in Cumbria and other friends in Liverpool and elsewhere.