Labour voters in Liverpool have got the MP they deserve! Labour voters in Liverpool have elected a vacuous, right wing, inexperienced, bimbo MP, Luciana Berger, with no experience of Liverpool, no personal experience except as a careerist new Labour politician, no record of achievement and no background to work on behalf of local people.

It is incredible that again Labour voters have put party allegiance above electing someone who will speak up for Liverpool and stand up for hardworking decent local people in Parliament. They truly have got the MP they deserve. Luciana Berger was parachuted into Liverpool by an elitist mentality of Labour on an all women shortlist denying good local male candidates a chance to be selected as the MP. Her Liberal Democrat opponent, Colin Eldridge, has worked hard on behalf of local people and standing up for Liverpool for seven years. It seems that beauty was preferred to commitment and ability. Yet again Labour voters have ensured Liverpool can be taken for granted and ignored by Government.

In seven years of living in Liverpool Wavertree I never once ever had any communication from the Labour MP, Jane Kennedy, MP for Labour here the whole time, outside of an election. Colin Eldridge and the local Liberal Democrats worked all year round. The Labour MP Jane Kennedy never appeared to do anything on behalf of local people, only following a party line. She never appeared where I live in the heart of the constituency (maybe because people here vote Liberal Democrat) and even in an election – ANY election – I think in SEVEN YEARS I had one leaflet from her. This was a substandard local MP. She may have been great at supporting Labour policy in Westminster. At least she had – two decades ago – fought the extremist Militant Tendency. Luciana is going to be another right wing Labour let down. Ironically the people who voted for her could just have well have voted Tory and got someone who would have followed a party line and not appeared here. It is the voters who have sold Liverpool out. No politician is to blame for that – except maybe Labour's desperate dirty tricks and their big business tabloid press friends in the Daily Mail.