There has been no sight of the Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree, Luciana Berger, in Wavertree since the General Election. She did more than any previous Labour MP in the election but since then like the Labour MPs before is nowhere to be seen.

Luciana Berger is determined to be Head Girl. She has been asking an impressive stack of worthwhile (and some not) questions in Parliament. She is like that new work colleague or student who talks on every item in a meeting or in class and never shuts up when it would be best if they listened some of the time at first. What arrogance the Labour MPs have. Their Government leaves the country in a state and they then have the cheek to ask a load of questions about what a very new coalition Government is going to do about it ignoring the fact they played a large part in creating the problem.

Meanwhile as so often in Liverpool (with usually a northern exception) we have another right wing absentee Labour MP.