This from the Times Law Report of the Court of Appeal decision:

"Control orders revoked by the Secretary of State for the Home Department as a result of a decision of the House of Lords should have been quashed with effect from the dates they were made, because they were made in violation of the right to a fair trial under the Human Rights Act 1998. In making the orders the secretary of state had withheld the evidence on the basis of which the orders were made."

Secretary of State for the Home Department v AF (No 4), Same v AN, Same v AE

(2010) Times, 01 September.

Before Lord Justice Maurice Kay, Lord Justice Rix and Lord Justice Stanley Burnton.

Judgment July 28, 2010.

How could Labour have thought that the West could fight for freedom, civil rights and liberty while having terrorist subjects under legal proceedings where the evidence against the person was hidden from them. If the judges had not stopped them in alleged terrorist cases, and the electorate at the ballot box, what might they have done for the rest of us next?