There is no substitute for reading the actual leaflets. Tell all of your Labour friends to read what Labour actually put out by Phil Woolas in Oldham.

This email from John Swarbrick is superb (9 October).

"We have been informed that the Justice Department has booked Uppermill Civic Hall for Friday 5th November. Either the High Court bench can't find anywhere in Southwold for its Turkey & Tinsel early Christmas bash or the election court verdict is due to be handed down on Guy Fawkes morning. This has obviously been arranged in co-operation with the National Union of Headline Writers and Sub-Editors."

I agree with Chris Davies MEP's comment: "If Elwyn's petition fails, and the judges allow Woolas to keep his seat, then the message they will send is that there are no limits to the way in which truth can be twisted in the name of politics."

The Examiner is one of the most disgraceful racist inflammatory Sun loving leaflets that I have ever seen. I've reported the BNP to the Police for less. Of course there is fair criticism of Elwyn Watkins, local Liberal Democrats and Liberal Democrat policy in the leaflets. But if the judges just read what Labour wrote it is impossible to see anything other than a catalogue of the most appalling lies and smears, largely based on racism. Many of us have been involved in campaigns that we would now be ashamed off but no one in 2010 could ever justify this. That this was done by a Labour Government Minister shows how low some desparate politicians will sink.