Short points -architecture comment; bus fares; Hall Lane gateway in Liverpool. Three unpublished comments by me.

Architecture comment, posted to the Independent website 16/08/2010.

One must agree with this review that there should be discussion about beauty. I can't comprehend any self-respecting architect who is content to create ugly monstrosities. In Liverpool the student flats at Grand Central by Lime Street Station are probably the ugliest building in the city; the 'luxury apartments' called 'the Reach' not far behind. What architect or developer could be happy to inflict these on a city? In Edinburgh the bank buildings of the Lothian Road are ugly blots – Clydesdale, Bank of Scotland and Standard Life. Is this a statement about the attitude of the bank bosses as well as their architects? The neighbouring old Fountainbridge branch, now Lloyds TSB, has entranceway roof tiles that state 'Thrift is Blessing'. Kiron Reid, Liverpool.

Comment on 'In the line of beauty: Architects and the sublime' Jay Merrick's review of Architecture and Beauty: Conversations with Architects about a Troubled Relationship by Yael Reisner with Fleur Watson.

I note that old banks – the city and suburbs of Liverpool are blessed with many examples – looked solid, respectable and well built.

Bus fares rip off.

Message Received: Sep 07 2010, 05:44 PM
From: "Kiron Reid"
Subject: Fares rip off.


Since I moved to Wavertree seven years ago the bus fares have gone up from £1.20 to £1.80. The most recent increase more than 5% but inflation is not 5%. I don't believe the cost of living has gone up 50% since 2003. The UK has more expensive public transport than anywhere else I travel in Europe. London is the worst but at least they have an Oyster card scheme that means you can hop on and off buses and trains easily. The Liverpool region needs one of those.

Kiron Reid

[Credit of course to the bus drivers and Merseytravel employees who do a great job].

What the Roman's didn't do – or how to build a new road incredibly slowly ..

The Liverpool Echo didn't publish this letter critical of the speed of the work on the Hall Lane Gateway, probably because they believed the assurance of the Council lead member that the road would be finished the week after my letter. It wasn't. The project is a major improvement in travel around the eastern side of Liverpool City Centre but the speed of construction has made our construction companies look like they can't show any sense of urgency and the City Council and public authorities look like they've been taken for a ride. In fact the main parts of the road did open to traffic a month later, and four weeks later much of the public infrastructure work is complete, although much is not finished. It has been a very complex project but how long can it take to build four sections of dual carriageway? The Romans wouldn't have put up with the speed and neither I think would the Victorians.

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Subject: The best road in the world?

Rome wasn't built in a day, but what is happening with the new road behind the University and the Royal? The scheme is sensible, I supported it 4 years ago when I was a councillor. The Royal's reconstruction plan delayed the start but will it ever be finished? The work looks fabulous, when finished it will probably be the best road in the world. But if the Romans had taken that long the Roman Empire would have declined and fallen before the road was ever finished.

Kiron Reid.