The Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree, Luciana Berger, opposed the Bill to equalise sizes of constituencies in the UK.

She voted against the Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies Act 2011 at Second Reading.

At the moment voters in Scotland are overrepresented because they have far more MPs than they should because of the size of population. Why does an MP in Liverpool think that her constituents should have less say? Does Luciana Berger think that the views of people in Liverpool matter less than the views of people in Scotland? Perhaps she thinks that if a Scottish person moves to England their vote should count more than it otherwise would? Or does she think that if a Liverpool person moves to Scotland their vote should not count as much because they are from Liverpool? It is a funny way to represent your constituents by thinking their vote should count less.

The Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies Act provided for the referendum on changing the voting system to the Alternative Vote. The Labour Party supported this at the General Election last year. Will the Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree keep her election promise? Bizarrely the day before the referendum Luciana Berger's website is entirely quiet on this major constitutional issue. There is no mention of the Alternative Vote (except about her appearing on Newnight in October) and nothing about the referendum. Will the MP keep her promise or will she simply vote for political self-interest? It would seem incredible that she has no opinion on the matter?