Sefton is the Council area for the west Lancashire coast, along Liverpool Bay, which has been in Merseyside since 1974. Sefton Council officials are considering allowing building in the Green belt – the area that has protected our countryside from being swallowed up by conurbations since World War II. Any officer and any Sefton politician of any political party who votes for building on the Green Belt should be removed from office and never given a job in public office again. I will support the campaign against them and that of residents in the other Liverpool City Region boroughs against their officers and councillors and political parties that sell off the family silver.

I critiqued this in a letter to the Daily Post 27 July 2011 (which you can find using Google but not the search engine on their site, the same as my letter about protecting local military history) 'Protect green belt'

The Liverpool Daily Post has previously covered disgraceful stories on 3 February 2011:

'Merseyside green belt may be built on to ease housing crisis' (about Sefton)

'Green Belt to meet Chester's housing need', by Liam Murphy, The Liverpool Post 19 July 2012 (about Chester)

And about Knowsley

'Knowsley green belt land could be sold for housing' by Peter Guy, 11 September 2012

The Tony Snell breakfast show on BBC Radio Merseyside spent much time discussing this issue yesterday, Tuesday 2 October.