Celebrating Derry as City of Culture.

I think this is relevant for our culture and history, our communities and our policing. While the Liverpool Echo was following the Trinity Mirror political line and publishing propaganda in support of the Labour candidate in the PCC election they didn't publish my letter. I think they have missed an opportunity to help promote an important dialogue in our city (as well as passing on our congratulations to Derry). I have also raised this issue with my Trades Union (the UCU). The UCU failed to promote the Police Commissioner election at all (I thought University lecturers would be interested in that) but hopefully they will pick this up.

Unpublished letter to the Liverpool Echo.


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Subject: Celebrating Derry as City of Culture.

Dear Sir,

Derry / Londonderry (as the bid styled the city) is UK City of Culture in 2013. There are strong links between Liverpool and North East Ireland, including the many citizens of Liverpool that came from this historic part of Ulster, and the many staff and students of the Universities who come from the area. One example is last year's President of the Guild of Students at Liverpool Uni, Maev McDaid, was from Derry. Many of the Irish doctors who were Liverpool GPs in the 1950s – 1990s were from the same part, including my father and two uncles.

We all celebrate the great progress in Northern Ireland and reduction in Irish related terrorism since the peace process and the Good Friday agreement of 1998. The Institute of Irish Studies have helped foster this dialogue. Liverpool, like Derry, has community groups from both the Catholic / Nationalist and the Unionist / Orange Order traditions. I encourage the City and police authorities to: send a message of support for Derry / Londonderry as City of Culture, passing on our good wishes; and to promote greater dialogue between the different Ireland related traditions in Liverpool to help foster continued increased understanding and celebration of a shared heritage.

Kiron Reid (Independent candidate for PCC).

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