PC Pleb will arrest you on sight

Because you do not have the right

To put up a chair

In Parliament Square:

It gives the MPs such a fright. *

I find, to my utter disgrace,

That this is not wholly the case:

It's certainly true,

Citing Gallastegui,

That a ban is de facto in place.

Nicholas Willmott, * 5 October 2012; & 26 April 2013.


K. Reid 'Letting Down the Drawbridge: Restoration of the Right to Protest At Parliament'. (2013) 1 Law Crime and History 16 (pp. 16-51) (Internet (free access)). ISSN 2045-9238. The file is a .pdf.

This is about the law and history on protest around Parliament, including the ban that was enforced under SOCPA 2005 and the new narrower restrictions. It is lengthy, but the general reader can look at the headings to easily spot key themes and glance at the parts they are interested in.