I had not seen the petition on Change.org to sack Tony Blair as Middle East Peace Envoy before I started my own petition on Avaaz to do the same thing. (See website below, various Facebook posts and Twitter passim). http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ban-ki-moon-sack-tony-blair-as-the-middle-east-peace-envoy The Change.org petition uses much more emotive language (which I had deliberately avoided but is effective for campaigns) but basically the same reasoning as my own. The Sack Tony Blair petition is more populist and less reasoned but all of the seven points hit home. I do not like anonymous campaigns – I don't like people failing to publicly stand up for their beliefs (particularly criticism of others), unless there is a good reason. This petition is simply in the name of 'Sack Blair campaign' but there is clearly a huge amount of public support, with signatures going up from 12,500 to 17,000 to 19,000 in the last couple of days. 60 people have signed my petition so far – people with principles. So we support the same things.

SIGN the http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/ban-ki-moon-sack-tony-blair-as-the-middle-east-peace-envoy petition, and sign mine for good measure too please. The Change petition does have some big name all party and non-party public supporters too, many highly credible and respected people (& George Galloway and other divisive characters with extreme views, but you can't always choose your friends even when they embarrass you). I think when there are 2 million names then the world leaders should take note, and if not then we should get another 2 million and another. This appalling politics of hypocrisy does NOT represent us. Not in our name.

My petition to remove Tony Blair as Quartet represetative is here:

The Change.org petition now has a website with press release and open letter. The open letter on www.sackblair.org and petition are undated. It does not say who is paying for the campaign.

As at 29 June the Sack Tony Blair petition is at 29,500 signatures.

# SackBlair