I am spending October and November 2014 as Honorary visiting Professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages, and the Faculty of Law, including Department of Criminal Law, at Zaporizhia National University in south east Ukraine. This is a large established state University in Ukraine's 6th largest city, with a long history of expertise in language teaching (particularly English) and the Law Faculty has just celebrated it's 25th anniversary. I am also contributing to professional events in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, and contributing talks and Q&A sessions for students in the Faculty of Journalism, and in the Department of Tourism and to student speaker clubs.

Therefore I am updating this website infrequently. I am posting regularly on social media to try and show what life in South East Ukraine is really like – life in a busy young modern European city where an unnecessary war supported by propaganda, misinformation and intervention from the Russian state is taking place only 120 miles away.