People say politicians are all the same but it is not true. They say they are all in it for themselves and to line their own pockets and that definitely is not true. Most people don't go into British politics to try and make money. But some MPs just toe the party line, rather than thinking for themselves, and do little in their constituencies except go through the motions. I know Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs. The ones I know well are Liberal Democrats because that has been my political party for many years.

I know these MPs personally and recommend anyone in their seats to vote for them as they are hardworking, principled, care and don't just follow a party line.

John Pugh. Southport.

Tim Farron. Westmorland and Lonsdale.

John Leech. Manchester Withington.

Stephen Williams. Bristol West.

Adrian Sanders. Torbay.

Jenny Willott. Cardiff Central.

Simon Hughes. Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

A mention also for my friend Richard Younger-Ross, the former MP for Teignmouth in Devon, who lost out in the new Newton Abbott seat by just 500 votes last time. I would certainly recommend Richard to any voters in Newton Abbot where he is standing again. No affected airs and graces, a decent guy.

I don't know Nick, Ed or John so well, but do know them and many of my close friends highly recommend them.

Nick Harvey. North Devon.

Ed Davey. Kingston and Surbiton.

John Hemming. Birmingham Yardley.

I don't personally know

Norman Baker (Lewes)


Naomi Long (East Belfast)

but they are principled Liberal MPs who have both made a real difference, on the environment and civil liberties, and challenging Northern Ireland's stale sectarian divide respectively.

Al Murray (South Thanet). Intelligent, educated, intellectual – and more importantly right on many political issues. Al is the best candidate in South Thanet, he has more knowledge of history and of the importance of political, social and historic context than the other serious candidates. Few people don't now realise that Al Murray's 'the Pub Landlord' is comedy satire, but many people don't realise that Al Murray is serious, very capable candidate for Parliament who would be a superb MP.

I know more MPs, and many more candidates but I mention just two other Lib Dem candidates here who have a good chance to win as MPs and represent local people.

Candidate Richard Marbrow. Oldham East and Saddleworth.

Candidate Dorothy Thornhill. Watford.

There are local elections as well as a General Election. This column is my urging friends and any readers to vote for certain MPs or candidates for Parliament, not about local politics. One Council candidate I want to mention is Richard Kemp. An outstanding voice for Liverpool. Many of my friends are standing in elections to Councils in Liverpool and elsewhere. I single out Richard as a Liberal voice is needed in the city, even though (as with everyone I mention here) we don't always agree.

I know a couple of good hardworking Conservative female MPs but I'm not going to recommend anyone to vote Conservative, and there are a couple of good hardworking Labour MPs in Liverpool but likewise I am not going to support Labour. (Maybe even three of the five Liverpool Labour MPs now I think work hard in their constituencies up from only a couple in the previous Parliament).