Was it dangerous? What was it like? What was I teaching? Who was I teaching and meeting? Why was I there? This is the answer in Ukrainian http://sites.znu.edu.ua/news_details.php?news_id=18624&lang=ukr&news_code=kiron-rid—-znu-zminyu–tsya—–meni-tse-duzhe-podoba–tsya sums up my visit well #ZNU / #ЗНУ

The questions were asked by numerous Ukrainians I met while I was there, myself, and people I met along the way as well as numerous friends at home and elsewhere.

I will add the English translation of this interview by the University Head of Press, Oleksandra Usenko, when it becomes available.

Of course I think it is a fantastic article because it is all about me; more usefully though it sums up my visit to Zaporizhzhya National University and the city of Zaporizhia quite well. In my interview with Oleksandra we talked about everything I did in my visit to the University and the city. These news stories are useful for me to demonstrate my experience from Ukraine. More importantly they also help all the many volunteer students who helped me with interpreting, translation and general information and advice, as they can use the stories to show prospective employers what extra professional experience they have. There are nearly twenty articles in Ukrainian featuring different aspects of my two visits to #ZNU / #ЗНУ, and about half that number in English (including articles mentioning the visits and contributions of Frances Willmott and Steven Andrew).

As I had been the only visiting British academic in about ten years, and seemed to be the only British tourist in the city that anyone had ever met (the only other British visitors I know of are fellow election observers deployed there working for the OSCE in different elections), I was delighted to hear that while I was in Zaporizhia the BBC had come to film a programme about the famous Zaporizhia Cossacks. Khortitsa island is very famous in Ukraine and the whole region as the birthplace of the Ukrainian cossacks. According to www.hortica.zp.ua (story below) "On Saturday, April 25, the British broadcaster BBC began filming the series "Islands of the World", which will be dedicated to the island of Khortytsya."

There is a link here to the local news channel clip of the BBC filming Громадське ТБ Запоріжжя https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsrciw6zuY0&feature=youtu.be They made a short video about the BBC team filming Khortitsa. The finished short film will be broadcast on BBC World in July. There is more information, in Russian http://hortica.zp.ua/news/184-bbc-film

Thanks also to Oleksandra Usenko for these links.