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Election Observation Mission for Ukraine Local Elections, 25 October & 15 November 2015.

I was a Long Term Observer (LTO) for the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Election Observation Mission (EOM).
Odessa Oblast (Region) North local elections, and Chernihiv City Mayor election 2nd Round.
Undertaking election observation and responsible with international partner for deployment of short term observers (1) in 14 districts (Rayons) including one city of regional importance between Odessa and the Moldovan / Transdniestrian border (high security status), 10 international observers plus local staff; (2) the regional capital in the 3rd largest region in Ukraine, bordering Belarus, 8 international observers plus local staff. Our work contributed to several references in the EOM interim reports.

You can read more about the election mission here: