A .pdf with the links to the latest news stories (courtesy of the press office and staff of #ZNU / #ЗНУ) is under the articles and downloads section.

A couple of these stories mentioning aspects of my visit are also available in an English version.

http://sites.znu.edu.ua/news_details.php?news_id=19746&lang=eng&news_code=American-media-experts-Mark-Dillen—Campus-of-ZNU-is-very-similar-to-American- This is a report on the visit of former US diplomat, journalism professor and Fulbright Commission representative, Mark Dillen. I was able to join one of Mark Dillen's lectures with journalism students. We subsequently co-presented a lecture on election observation and the media, where Dillen talked from first hand experience about the creation of the OSCE and its beginnings in election observation work. The students impressed with their incisive questions.

I was particularly pleased in the lecture with Mark Dillen to be able present to the Faculty of Journalism a set of OSCE/ODIHR manuals, guides, policies and brochures that were relevant to the students and staff. Including topics like monitoring the media, women's participation, election observation methodology and the history of OSCE's work in this part of the human dimension. Thomas Boserup, the Deputy Head of the election mission, had given these materials to me to assist the Univesity students understand more about election observation, the work of election observers, and the important role that the media has to play in assisting free, fair and credible elections.