On the Tory Government

“this new Tory government. Already a government loaded with banana skins, not only unleashing all the right-wing stuff we stopped them doing and worse but also behaving, in a reckless flush of post-electoral euphoria, as if they have a majority of 92 not 12.”

Tony Greaves, Liberator 373, August 2015, p. 6.

And it’s got worse since, an ideologically driven government driving through divisive measures with only 36% of the vote. Things were better under the Coalition. (KR).

On the EU referendum in the UK:

“Winning not only the referendum but the argument for years to come requires a positive campaign based upon the EU as peace process, the EU as supranational democracy in place of international chaos and warfare and the EU as the key to environmental sanity.”

David Grace, Liberator 375, November 2015, p. 11.