Chris Evans, BBC Breakfast Show Radio 2 talks sense on need for modern voter registration system. In Ukraine a voter can register five days before election day. In Macedonia you can check the electoral register online (which you can’t do here)
Chris Evans Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2 08:52 (on iPlayer at 01:23:20, 1 min)

Here’s a thing, what day is it today, is it June the what is it what’s the date is it again, June the eighth, June the 7th
So You have the European Referendum on June 23. Yet You have to register by midnight tonight in order to vote. [chatter chatter] {to actually vote} [chatter] No
Tonight you have to register by midnight to vote.
But, how Why? What It’s only June 23. Why do you have to register two weeks before. You can apparently
My wife says buy a house online and have a brand new house delivered to your door within an hour.
So Why do we have to register to vote in the most important referendum since the Second World War two weeks ahead of time? Surely you can register on the day if you have to. What’s that about. Just asking.