This commentary from Liberator 377 April 2016 about the poisonous nature of the Leave EU campaign and the leading Brexiters is still visibly true two months after their lying won the referendum. The resistance to the vile hateful propaganda of the Daily Mail the Daily Express and the Sun continues.

The full edition, including articles on the Brexit Liars by David Grace and the mistakes of the In campaign, by me, can be downloaded here: Liberator 377 April 2016 with articles on the EU referendum campaign

One of the most balanced debates I saw throughout the whole of the referendum campaign was from the cycling industry, included in a newsletter from Cycling UK. In this column, the bottom article was one of the best positive cases I saw put for the UK’s continued EU membership, by an individual cycle industry businessman. (Article by Ben Cooper reproduced below). I liked it because he put arguments and reasoning that I agree with. I still agree with this positive case – the antis have won this vote but they haven’t won the arguments on facts, principles, or positive grounds. They won on passion, but now those of use who are passionately pro-Britain being a key player in Europe and part of the EU, and of reforming the EU and making it better, are the ones who are angry, right and angry, and will not let the liars and cheats run Britain down and destroy a peaceful cooperative Europe.

“The Custom Framebuilder
Ben Cooper of Kinetics, Glasgow ben cooper

So far this week, I’ve imported from the USA and Germany, and exported to the Czech Republic and Canada – inside the EU is cheaper and easier to deal with. At the moment, it’s as easy to sell to Germany as it is to sell to Grimsby.

We get so much more from Europe, though. Will there be the same funding for cycle lanes and hire schemes if we’re out of the EU? I doubt it. Environmental standards, wages and employee protection are also likely to slip – impacting who can afford to buy a bike. And what’s Brexit for? I’m not worried about immigrants, they work hard and are extra customers for me. I’m not worried about sovereignty, the EU is more democratic than the UK government. What leaving the EU would feel like is being cowardly – turning inwards, becoming a smaller, more scared and backwards-looking country.”

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