My last post rather let the toxic UK and global hate mongering media off the hook. People have to take responsibility for themselves, but our intolerant, scaremongering, anti-factual hate filled tabloids are a huge cause of the problems in British society, as well as reflecting them. The Daily Mail, the Daily Express and the Sun, are the worst exponents of a nasty divided society. The media bias in support of Brexit, peddling anti-EU propaganda and lies, was breathtaking, even by the standards of arrogance of these dark forces. As an email from Avaaz recently wrote “On the one side, we have ruthlessly sophisticated partisan propaganda media pushing Trump, and on the other an ‘impartial’ media that chases fake scandals and ratings and suggests false equivalence between the sides in the name of appearing balanced. This is the dynamic that gave us Brexit as well.” (Ricken Patel & team, 11 November). It also gives us unbalanced environmental reporting, parroting of Putin propaganda on Ukraine and his other wars, and UKIP given far more credibility than their use of intelligence deserves.

Two links expose the terrible bias on Brexit in the British media

Just look at the bottom graph

‘Hard Evidence: analysis shows extent of press bias towards Brexit’ Deacon et. al., the Conversation website, June 16, 2016 11.48am BST

And this tweet from JK Rowling is informative

(information from the Economist)

Over 20 years of misinformation on the EU by @DailyMailUK @Telegraph & co
via @TheEconomist

People voted to leave the EU just as they voted for Trump. Many knew what they were voting for, many took a deliberate risk, others voted in protest at being or feeling ignored and ‘left behind’ while others made money. Many were influenced by, believed, ignorance and lies. Those of us who want a better society, those of us who are the resistance now in 2016, have to never stop putting the facts and objective truth against lies. There is not one truth in our complex society – but there are many manipulating people with lies. Those people often don’t want to hear it; we have to continue speaking out. Of course there is not one vision of a better society, and so the Liberal case remains best, to enable people to strive for their own ideas of a better life and society as long as this does not unreasonably harm others. Some Victorian ideas are still good today.