Overheard on the Northern Line train, the usual nonsense “they [politicians / MPs]’re all in for themselves, for how much they can make”, agreement from other passenger. EVERYONE who ever finds themselves saying that should spend a couple of hours actually looking at what most MPs, local councillors, MEPs and working members of the House of Lords do. Many are well paid, but I don’t think many make much money from being politicians, and most work very hard on behalf of their residents, their district, and the country as whole. Attend actual Council committees (or shadow a councillor doing their job), read or watch Parliamentary committees or debates or House of Lords Committees or debates or go and visit, and do of course go to Brussels and see what real MEPs (as opposed to plastic UKIP ones do) and you’ll find that a huge amount of good public spirited work is done. I agree many public representatives are useless, especially in safe seats – and the public put them there. But for crying out loud stop the nonsense of sloganising when you know nothing about the work people do.
For Londoners, Northern line = Liverpool suburbs – Southport to Hunts Cross train.