Three comic books with lessons for Britain today. Al Murray, M. H. Baylis & Marina Lewycka book reviews.

Next I review three comedy related books and find them all with serious lessons for Britain today. Liberator magazine issue 384 (a UK Liberal political magazine) including my reviews of Matt / Matthew / M. H. Baylis’ “Black Day at the Bosphorus Cafe” (aagh, I’ve just noticed the typo in the review heading) and Al Murray’s “Watching War Films with My Dad” is now available here online, scroll down
as the latest issue has been posted to subscribers. Both page 19. Here I post the original unedited (usually they’ve been made more readable) versions of the longer Murray and Baylis reviews. I add a review not published I wrote at the same time of Marina Lewycka’s “Two Caravans”, the sequel to “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian”.

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