Especially advice for former students (UK / Ukraine), graduates including friends – wanting to connect online.

If you want to sign me up as a contact on LinkedIn send me a personal message so I know it is you signing me up, not an automatic sweeping of your address book. Send me a link in the app / site if it lets you, or an email. The same applies to friend requests on Facebook. And yes I apply this even to the good friends from the Liverpool Uni Law School who send me requests as I do to students and graduates from other places I’ve been.
The same for people wanting to connect for professional reasons – if I don’t know you I am not likely to accept a request unless I know it is a genuine personal and professionally interested approach. It’s so I can keep tabs on LinkedIn and keep this account professional, and try and manage the volume on Facebook (after many of us get carried away with signing up lots of people early on). Thanks. This is another reminder, to add to the section on my LinkedIn profile – though it is right at the bottom and I need to do more work on the profile being more concise 🙂