What has become of the British Conservative Party?

What has happened to the British Conservative Party. Once a proud party, a broad church, including many ‘One nation’ conservatives, socially conservative but often supporting the opportunity for individuals and businesses, and the ability for a person to better themselves and prosper. A party with some dignity, and intellectual and political heavyweights. Inherently an economically conservative party, noted for fiscal responsibility, it was destructive in its ideological privatising and marketeering for the sake of it under mid and later Thatcher / Major governments, but still had an eye on balancing the books. Now it is fiscally irresponsible, making promises to spend money that would make a Labour Opposition Leader or perhaps Trade Union boss blush. Promising all the plenty from the magic money tree plantation (someone on social media said that).

Now it is a party led by chancers, dishonest fraudsters, and naked opportunists. In hock to a tiny band of bigoted small minded extreme Ulster Unionists who are out of step with the modern world, even where they live. A destructive influence in British society and British and European politics. A mix of ideological and opportunistic, profiteering leaders in Government, very few of whom match the quality of any previous Cabinets in my adult life time, and none of whom meet the ability of the Ministers who were statesmen under Thatcher (or I realised when older, Wilson, Heath or Callaghan), Major, Blair, Brown or even a few under Cameron and May. As I don’t believe any one party has a monopoly on wisdom or good ideas, and as I reject policies based on ideology or economics, it is sad to see the destruction of a party that has done much good, though more bad in its time. At least now hypocrisy and naked amibition are exposed. Their name is Boris, Bannon and Mogg.